It’s take-off!

It is take-off for the SupremeTech project, and we are now getting up to speed!

The first Ph.D. students have been employed, filter design concepts are being developed in collaboration with industry partners, field installations of constructed wetlands are being established and we are starting to screen the potential of different filter materials for use as phosphorus sorbents.

The challenge of reducing agricultural emission of phosphorus to the aquatic environment is well recognized but solutions are few – which is the reason that SupremeTech is here.

There is a strong public interest in high quality freshwaters and marine waters, and there is a political will to look into new strategies for sustainable technologies where food production goes hand in hand with preserving a high quality of our aquatic environment.

The challenge of SupremeTech is to develop new technologies to trap phosphorus and to remove nitrate at the source. In particular trapping of phosphorus is a huge challenge as the new filters should retain different forms of phosphorus very efficiently, very quickly and with low bleeding from the filters.

The SupremeTech research team comprises experienced experts from Danish and International universities/research institutions and industries.

The perspectives of the project are huge and should lead to filter concepts and solutions which can be used globally, and hence also of interest for end users, the industry, consultants and public authorities.

Text by: Prof. Hans Christian B. Hansen, Project Head