WP 1: Sorption and precipitation techniques

WP1 focuses on retention of phosphorus from agricultural drainage water in different filter types as studied by lab batch experiments. Both sorption and precipitation processes will be investigated.

Initial stages of the work comprise screening of a larger number of industrial sorbents for their ability to sorb phosphorus, and including kinetics and the thermodynamics of the sorption processes.

During subsequent stages of the WP1 sorption will be studied in more detail with respect to the reaction mechanism. In addition we will take a look at the phosphorus sorption properties of a new group of P sorbents synthesized in our laboratory.

In short WP1 provides data on:

  • Sorption isotherms and kinetics of different filter media.
  • Sorption of different phosphorus forms and the surface chemical processes taking place for selected sorbents.
  • Synthesis of high-affinity phosphate sorbents.
  • The significance of precipitation processes in as part of phosphorus retention in filters.

Research activities start up by July 2010 and has a duration of 3 years. WP1 provides basic info to be used in several other WPs, mainly WP2, WP3 and WP6.

Background info: 

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MSc projects: Several possibilities for MSc projects are available within this work package.

Ph.D. projects: PhD-student Gry Lyngsie is conducting her PhD project: Sorbents for phosphate retention in landscape filters within WP1.

Head and contact of WP1: Professor Hans Chr. B. Hansen (also project head), Department of Plant and Environmental Science, Faculty of Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Key Participants in WP1: Ph.D. student Gry Lyngsie, Prof. Hans Chr. B. Hansen, Prof. Ole K. Borggaard, Assoc. Prof. Chad Penn.