WP 2: Filter hydraulics and phosphorus retention in drainage filters

In work package 2 we focus on both the filter hydraulics and on phosphorus retention during variable flow conditions. The major research tasks include:

  • Analysis of hydro-physical parameters and hydrological properties on a broad range of different filter substrates and developing correlation functions to predict saturated hydraulic conductivity.
  • Analysis of filter hydraulic efficiency on selected filter substrates.
  • Investigating phosphorus retention at variable flow regimes and environmental conditions, and quantifying phosphorus retention efficiency.
  • Exploring filter structural stability and long-term phosphorus retention.

The research in this work package will be conducted both as controlled laboratory experiments as well as field scale experiments and field scale monitoring on drainage well filters and different types of constructed wetlands.

The research activities in WP2 start up August 2010 and runs for 4 years. WP2 collaborates closely with WP1 (filter sorption properties), WP3 (filter technology development), WP4 (nitrogen removal) and WP6 (modeling).


MSc projects: Several possibilities for MSc projects are available within this work package.

Ph.D. projects: PhD-student Eriona Canga is conducting her PhD project: Hydro-geochemistry of phosphorus in drainage filters and constructed wetlands within WP2 and WP3.

Head and contact of WP 2: Senior scientist Charlotte Kjærgaard (also project coordinator). Department of Agroecology, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Aarhus.

Key Participants in WP2: Senior Scientist Charlotte Kjærgaard, Senior Scientist Bo V. Iversen, Senior Scientist Goswin Heckrath, Environmental Engineer Michael Koppelgaard, Senior Scientist Günter Langergraber and PhD student Eriona Canga.