WP 3: Drainage filter technologies

Work package 3 explores technical solutions for field scale implementation of different filter technologies including:

  • Drainage well filters with displaceable filter cartridges
  • Experimental and full-scale subsurface-flow constructed wetlands (SSF-CWs)
  • Full-scale surface flow constructed wetlands (SF-CW)
  • Ditch reactive barriers

The activities in WP3 include the technical development of solutions for implementing different drainage filter technologies. These activities are conducted in close collaboration between scientists and private companies. The filter technologies provide the frames for the research activities within WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5.

The research activities in WP3 start up June 2010 and runs for 5 years.


MSc projects: Several possibilities for MSc projects are available within this work package.

Ph.D. projects: A Ph.D. project on “Nitrogen removal and green house gas emissions” will soon be available within WP4/WP3. Ph.D. student Eriona Canga is conducting her Ph.D. project: Hydrogeochemistry of phosphorus in drainage filters and constructed wetlands within WP2/WP3.

Contact of WP 3: Senior scientist Charlotte Kjærgaard (also project coordinator), Department of Agroecology, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Aarhus.

Key Participants in WP 3: 

Drainage well filters: Engineer Peter Nielsen, Senior Scientist, Goswin Heckrath, Senior Scientist, Bo V. Iversen, Senior Scientist, Charlotte Kjærgaard, Senior Scientist Carl Christian Hoffmann, Environmental Engineer Michael Koppelgaard, Esben Mølgaard (IBF), Hans-Kristian Høen-Beck (KWH-Pipe), Anders Kjeld (Byggross)

Constructed wetlands: Senior Scientist Carl Christian Hoffmann, Senior Scientist Charlotte Kjærgaard, Orbicon |Leif HansenA/S, Karin Tonderski (LIU, Sweden), Atle Hauge (Bioforsk, Norway)

Ditch reactive barriers: Wim Chardon (Alterra, Wageningen)