WP 5: Recycling – risks, micro-pollutant retention and soil amendment

In work package 5 we focus secondary aspects of using agricultural drainage water filters. The major research tasks include:

  • Contamination risks of industrial filter materials.
  • Retention of micro pollutants in drainage filters.
  • The fertilizer value of P-saturated filter substrates.

The research in this work package will be conducted both as laboratory and plot experiments.

The research activities in WP4 start up in spring 2011 and runs for 4 years. WP5 collaborates closely with WP1 (filter characteristics and sorption properties).


MSc projects: Several possibilities for MSc projects will be available within this work package.

Ph.D. projects: A PhD project on “Retention of micropollutants” will soon be available within WP5.

Head and contact of WP 5: Associate Prof. Bjarne W. Strobel, Department oF Plant and Environmental Science, Faculty of Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Key Participants in WP 5:

Contamination risks and retention of micropollutants: Ass professor Bjarne Strobel, professor Hans Christian Bruun Hansen, PhD student, Dr. Thomas D. Bucheli ART (Switzerland).

Recyling phosphorus saturated filters to agricultural land: Senior Scientist Goswin Heckrath, Department of Agroecology, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Aarhus.