WP 7: Technology assessment and cost-effectiveness

Work package 7 includes analysis of the cost-effectiveness of using different types of drainage filters compared to alternative mitigation options. The major research tasks include:

  • System description for drainage and filter systems.
  • Technology assessment, performance and filter costs.
  • Cost effectiveness of selected filter scenarios.

The research in this work package will use data and results from the field and laboratory experiments as well as results from the modeling in WP6.

The research activities in WP7 start up in January 2012 and runs for 3 years.


Ph.D. projects: A Ph.D. project will be available within WP7.

Head and contact of WP 7: Senior Researcher Søren M. Pedersen, Institute of Food and Ressource Economics (IFRO), Faculty of Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Key Participants in WP7: Senior Researcher Søren M. Pedersen, Senior Researcher Brian Jacobsen, Ph.D. student.