R & D

Scientific objective
The objective is to provide the scientific basic for developing costeffective filter technologies targeting P-retention and N-removal in agricultural drainage discharge.

SupremeTech will thus develop filters to be implemented at strategic landscape positions targeting a major P transport pathway. The sustainability of the approach relies on using industrial (by-/recycled) products as filter substrates and recycling the P-saturated filters to agricultural land.

The project aims specifically to:

  1. explore the potential of industrial products as high-affinity P filter substrates, and to investigate new P retention mechanisms,
  2. explore new innovative filter technologies targeting drainage losses,
  3. apply new principles for increasing the filter denitrification capacity,
  4. analyse the recycling of P-saturated filter materials as soil amendments,
  5. assess the contamination risk and quantify the filter function for other agricultural pollutants,
  6. model filter systems to provide design parameters and optimize filter performance, and
  7. analyse the cost-effectiveness of implementing filter technologies in landscapes.